4 Tips to make the most of Your Devout Subscription

As the new season begins dropping on The Devout. We’re giving you 4 tips to make the most out of your Devout subscription!

Rent pieces you wouldn’t normally

Yes, it may be out of your comfort zone, but now is the time to try it! Instead of buying something you wouldn’t normally wear but want to give a go, rent it with your subscription. That way you can see if it suits you if you feel comfortable and whether you love it at a fraction of the cost in which you would buy it.

Sister Jane Gilda Jacquard Dress
Sister Jane Gilda Jacquard Dress
Sister Jane Gramophone Jacquard Mini Wrap Dress
Use the Wishlist Feature

Just like anytime you are shopping online, the Wishlist feature is your best friend. If you are just browsing for when your renewal date comes up, heart your favourite pieces and you’ll be able to find them with ease when you are next ordering. Or use the Wishlist feature, and you can build outfits and see how pieces will go together.

Screenshot of Wishlist from The Devout

Look through the collections on the website

Another way to make the most out of your Devout subscription is to rent by collections rather than searching for individual clothing items. It’s a great source of style inspiration and you may end up renting something different to your normal go-to outfits.

Two Images. Image One: Lady in Dress leaning against wall. Image Two: Man and Women posing towards the camera

Buy the pieces that you keep re-renting

If you’ve rented it two or three times, perhaps it is time to invest. The Devout offers you the option to purchase clothes that you’ve been renting over and over at a discounted price. For example, that coat that you’ve been renting for the past 3 months, add it to your purchase list, that is a great investment!


The Devout offers 3 different subscriptions. Rent 3 items for just £39 a month, 5 for £59 a month and 10 items for £99 a month. Create the wardrobe of your dreams every month with a Devout Subscription.

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