6 things you should think about before going back to the gym.

1) Check-in with yourself first

Before you put on those trainers, it’s a good idea to consider your personal health. Are you fit for the gym and using heavy equipment? In other words, have you been sleeping, nourishing your body and keeping hydrated? If the answer is no, then you should perhaps consider some lighter fitness sessions to warm up with.


2) Set yourself a new goal

It is great to set a goal before going back to the gym. What are you aiming for? By identifying what you want to achieve, you will find your gym visits are much more productive. Remember not to set yourself unachievable goals, as this can be overwhelming and put you off going altogether. Ease yourself back into a routine and you will see better results. Make sure to measure your performance to see how your goals are aligning up and make changes as required.


3) Your gym kit – have you got everything you need?

It’s good to be organised and pack before the gym, to ensure you’ve got all the essentials. There are some things that you might not have taken with you before, such as a water bottle – you’ll need this as water fountains are likely be shut off. It is also wise to bring along a face mask, hand sanitiser and wipes to clean down the equipment before and after use.  We also recommend trying on your activewear from last year (if you’ve not worn it) and checking it fits comfortably. If you want to try something new this is the best time to try rental.


4) Know your gym restrictions

Check your gym’s restrictions on their website before your first visit so you know how to plan within the guidelines. Many gyms will identify their busiest times on their websites/apps so avoid these times if possible.



 5) Go with a plan prepared

Before you put on your activewear, have a general idea of what exercises you’re going to do and what equipment you will most likely use. By planning in advance, you will have a clear idea of how to navigate yourself around the gym and how long you want to spend on each exercise. However, remember that if a piece of equipment is being used, be open to altering your routine and going on equipment that is free to avoid unnecessary waiting around.


6) Your wellbeing

Stay safe whilst attending the gym, give yourself and other people plenty of space. Remember who you are doing this for. Exercise is just as good for our minds as it is for our bodies. Take this time to completely forget any worries from the day and just immerse yourself in feeling good and listening to your killer gym playlist. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, always alert a member of staff. Most of all just enjoy yourself and go away feeling great all whilst in gorgeous, comfortable activewear.


There you have it, everything you should think about and plan before heading back to the gym. If you’re thinking about getting some brand new activewear for an extra burst of confidence, then why not rent from our new activewear selection. Brands include Whistles and Girlfriend Collective – ethically made activewear which is available to rent for the first time. Get 50% off your first rental with the code XXXXX

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