Accessorising your rentals

Mixing your rentals with your wardrobe creates endless looks, so how can you accessorise your style without damaging your rentals?

Renting is all about picking statement pieces, new-season looks and those basics you just never got round to purchasing. Wear them all together, or mix them with your wardrobe staples for all the looks. If you’re renting because it’s the sustainable way to shop you’ll know what they say- the possibilities are endless!

Sometimes, you’ll rent (or buy!) pieces that don’t fit absolutely perfectly. You might be 5’2 and dead set on that maxi dress, in love with some jeans but just wish they were cropped, or want to show off your curves in an oversized jumper. Don’t miss out on those dreamy pieces; snap them up because we’ve chosen our favourite ways to accessorise your pieces without permanent altering.

Roll your jeans

Picked jeans that are a little too long? Want to mix up your outfit? Roll your jeans and let your ankles and socks show! Rolled jeans are perfect for a casual look, and help lengthen your legs if they’re short.

Cuff your sleeves

If your sleeves are a little too long and rolling them up isn’t an option, grab your watch, bracelet or bobble and cuff them! Let the fabric lay over the bobble, or leave your watch and bracelet on show- it’s shortening the sleeves whilst showing off your accessories at the same time.

Double-sided tape

Shorten those sleeves or the length with some double-sided tape! Just use your tape the whole way round the seam, and fold it up. Never worry about droopy sleeves or unflattering leg lengths again.

Belt it

If you’ve picked a piece that’s a little loose around the waist, or want to mix up an oversized look by cinching in your waist, simply put on a belt! Pro tip: if your dress is a little too long for you, use your belt to hinch it up slightly like in the video above.

Belted Oversized Blazer Clothes featured- Levi’s 501 Ripped Jeans, Traffic People Bambi Playsuit, Traffic People Holy Moly Dress, Whistles Ella Dress, Selected Femme Blazer

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