Practical Ways to Clear Out Your Wardrobe

New year, new you. However, if you’re anything like us, despite a copious amount of time to sort your closet, it’s still overflowing with old clothes. Not to worry, we’re here with some sure-fire practical ways to clear out your wardrobe!

Whether they don’t fit, don’t suit your style, have been reckoned with moth holes, or it’s simply overflowing, it’s important to keep on top of your wardrobe to keep your clothes in top condition. If your eyes roll at the thought of sorting it all out, we’re with you, so we’ve created some ways to make that clear-out worth it- whether that’s making some money by selling pieces on Depop or just making room for more clothes…

Pile it up

Split your clothes organisation into three piles- keep, maybe and sell/donate (Don’t just throw them out!) To help you decide, ask yourself these key qs:

  1. Does it have a purpose? Old leggings you’ve kept aside for painting are absolutely fine, but do you need 5 pairs for that? Alternatively, be realistic with pieces you’ve bought for a certain occasion- will you be going to another wedding before that dress doesn’t suit you any more?
  2. Does it fit? If it doesn’t, is it likely to fit any time soon?
  3. Does it suit my style? Fashions change as well as personal style, are skinny jeans still your thing, or are you much more comfortable in some straight legs these days?
  4. Does it still have tags on? This answers your question right away; just pop it straight in the sell pile. BNWT might even help it sell for more!
  5. Do I have other things to wear with it? Sure this is an excuse to buy something that does match it, but that’s not what we’re here for!

Have you worn it in the last 6 months?

Or, if it’s a seasonal piece, did you wear it this time last year? If the answer is no, it’s time to sell. Plus, handy tip, try to sell it before it goes totally out of style- you’ll get more for it! If it doesn’t sell, make sure you pop it in your next charity bag- check if they’ll accept damaged pieces too as they might be able to use the fabric again, and will help reduce waste going to landfill.

Sell a piece every time you buy a piece

This is simple, it keeps your wardrobe space down, and the profits can go towards your next buy 😉.

The hanger hack

If most of your clothes are hung up on hangers, hang them all up facing the same way. Then, each time you wear an item and pop it back in, hang it the other way. After 6 months, you’ll easily see which pieces haven’t been worn and it’s time to get rid! If most of your pieces are folded, you could try this with safety pins instead. Take out the pin after you’ve worn a piece, and donate those still with pins on 6 months later.

Build a capsule wardrobe

We touched on this in our How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe post, and we seriously stand by it! Building a capsule wardrobe is easy. To begin, build a base of staple pieces- this includes quality garments that will last for years, like some versatile jeans, neutral tees and shirts, an LBD and your go-to coat- pick pieces that are always in fashion. Next up, just add a few seasonal pieces- a cable knit will never go out of style, and some simple camis are good for layering. Stick to simple colours, like a base of black and white and your go-to colour(s) to mix in (Hello shades of orange).

But what about the trend-led pieces? It’s simple, you’ve only got so much room in your wardrobe, so rent them and constantly wear the latest season mixed with your capsule wardrobe.

Do you have any wardrobe hacks for us? Comment them below!

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