Rental for the everyday, including the big day

You may have heard the famous rhyme to give an upcoming Bride luck on her wedding day…

“Something old, something borrowed, something blue and something new”.

Most brides are choosing heirloom jewellery or even a getaway car, but we want to be your “something borrowed” with our new bridal collection!

Delving into the world of bridal rental, you will quickly see why so many have chosen against buying their gowns. With people like Carrie Johnson joining the trend. When getting hitched to Boris Johnson in May 2021, she wore a bohemian lace dress from Christos Costarellos that would have retailed at an eyewatering £2870 but only cost her £45 a day.

Even better, modern brides and grooms are becoming more sustainably conscious when it comes to their big day. According to the wedding app “Bridebook”, nearly two fifths (39%) of couples considered sustainability when planning their wedding. We are all becoming conscious of the impact of fast fashion on the environment, so renting outfits for your bridal party could be a great way to make a difference!


Redefining your big day

So, why have we decided to release a bridal collection?

We believe that renting clothes should be for the everyday. And one of those days is your Wedding Day.

Having a Bridal collection with our subscription has been an early concept that we’ve wanted to include since we launched The Devout. We have wanted to make bridalwear more accessible for brides who want to dress in stunning gowns but only for a fraction of the original cost.

That concept is finally a reality as we have released a capsule collection of three Bridal dresses and two Bridesmaids’ dresses from your favourite brand, Whistles. We have chosen timeless styles that have been created with the contemporary bride in mind.


All from £39 a month

Weddings have become the ultimate “wear once” occasion. From the Bride to the Groom, the Bridesmaids’, Groomsmen, the Mother of the Bride and even the guests themselves. It costs to make a statement and you could quickly get caught in a spending trap!

It was announced by the leading wedding website Hitched, that the average wedding in 2021 cost £17,300 – with the wedding dress costing around £1,300. If you’re on a budget, the price of dressing yourself and your party can become stressful.

But there is now no need to fear! You can get our Bridal service through our all-inclusive membership. This means that you could get a Bride’s and two Bridesmaids’ dresses for just under £40 per month.

If the wedding dress is already sorted, why don’t you take the opportunity to mix and match? Whether it’s the mother of the bride or your army of bridesmaids, this could be your one-stop-shop for your wedding party. With 3, 5 or 10 item memberships to choose from, dressing your bridal party just got a whole lot more accessible.


Your questions… Answered!

Do you have a shop I can visit and try on the collection? 

We are completely online but with your subscription, you’re able to rent multiple sizes if you’re unsure about your fit. If you love the dress and it doesn’t fit, we can swap sizes!


What happens if I damage the clothes? 

No need to panic! Within your subscription, you have an accidental damage cover so there are no extra fees. If there’s a lost button, broken zip or even a stain – you’re covered! If you’re worried, make sure to contact our customer services team.


Make sure to head over to our website to check out all our FAQs.

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