Sustainability at The Devout

Fast-fashion is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world. By renting, you can access new clothes every month whilst reducing the impacts fashion has on our environment.

By renting your wardrobe, you will help to limit the ‘wear it once’ culture, reduce 350,000 tonnes of landfill, and increase the active use of clothing by closing the loop on fashion.

Quality pieces are selected to maximise the product life-cycle, before being sent to our outlet or charity partner- ensuring our clothes never go to landfill.



Our state-of-the-art laundry facilities utilise Wet Cleaning to wash and clean all garments that return from being rented; one of the most sustainable cleaning methods in the world.

Wet Cleaning uses reusable water rather than toxic solvents, and uses 50% less water in its processes than a traditional washing machine. 

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Charity Partner

The Devout are proud to support Shelter*, who fight to defend everyone’s right to a safe and secure home.

We’re working with Shelter by donating ex-rental fashion to Shelter’s charity shops, helping to raise vital funds to fight homelessness. 

*Registered charity no. 263710 England and Wales, SC002327 Scotland



Larger parcels arrive in our statement eco colour mail box, crafted from recycled and recyclable card, made with UV ink and secure closure.

Outlet and smaller pieces arrive in eco mailers to reduce overall packaging waste. These are crafted from recyclable materials with double packaging strips for returns.

All packaging can re-used for returns, further reducing waste.



We use a rigorous process to select our garments for rental, meeting our conscious standards.

Our Conscious Collection features clothing made sustainably. This includes pieces crafted from organic or recycled materials, low water usage, and clothing sourced from BCI farmers.

All other pieces are selected for quality, ensuring a longer life-cycle, or are second-hand vintage pieces.

The Conscious Collection