Ways to be More Sustainable in 2021

From a survey just before Christmas, we discovered that 89% of you want to be more sustainable in 2021!

We’re so excited to see so many of you want to improve your sustainable creds, and some of your ways to become more sustainable include eating more plant-based food, shopping consciously and renting clothes. Now, we’re pretty sure you’ll know the best way to rent clothes already, but we’ve taken a deep dive into other ways to be more sustainable this year to help you along your way…

Sustainable plant-based diet

Plant-based food

Plant-based food is great for the environment and your health- a win-win. Even reducing your meat, processed food and animal-derived intake is better than nothing, so if you weren’t considering it before, why not challenge yourself to include more plant-based foods into your diet?

Research suggests people with a primarily plant-based diet generally have a lower BMI, and lower rates of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. If that’s not enough, for every day you eat a plant-based diet, you save 1100 gallons of water, 40 pounds of grain, 20 pounds of CO2, 30 feet2 of forest and 1 animal’s life.

Eco-friendly Households goods

There are so many eco-friendly ways to wash your clothes and your pots, and sustainably bulk-buying often makes it cheaper than buying regularly products! We’re huge advocates of the Eco Egg, little plastic eggs that you pop in your washing. Rather than constantly buying tubs of detergent or pods, you simply refill your egg with new pellets every once in a while to save a serious amount of plastic. A £9.99 laundry egg provides around 70 washes, and you can keep refilling your egg- that works out a 14p a wash for your first 70, and then 10p a wash with refills!

Smol is another great alternative if you’re looking for big performance. These capsules arrive through your letterbox in recycled packaging, are 100% plastic free and are cruelty free. With their subscription service, you’ll never run out of detergent, surface sprays, dishwasher tablets and fabcons, and they can save you up to 50% versus leading brands.

Next up, we’re sure you’ll have seen Who Gives A Crap’s colourful toilet paper. The paper itself is recycled or made from bamboo, the packaging is plastic-free, and 50% of their profits are donated to help build toilets.

Finally, Splosh’s refillable, zero-waste laundry detergents, hand washes, dishwasher tablets, laundry stain removers, kitchen cleaners, fabric conditioners and shower gels normally work out cheaper than the big brands!

Shop Small

Shopping Consciously

Aside from renting from The Devout and subscribing to an eco cleaning brand, how else can you shop consciously? It’s easy…

  1. Shop small
  2. Shop second-hand
  3. Shop ethical and sustainable brands
  4. Shop local
  5. Invest in pieces you’ll wear forever
  6. Build a sustainable wardrobe

Switch Your Online Supplies

Next time you’re on Amazon, why not pop that product name into Google and find it from another, independent store? You’ll often find pieces cheaper, and even if they’re the same price or slightly more (if you have the budget), you’ll be helping a small seller rather than a giant. If you really can’t find it anywhere else to order it, you can get them to send it in brown paper instead of bubble wrap! All you need to do is…

  1. Open your Amazon account
  2. Go to ‘help/customer service’
  3. Go to ‘contact us’
  4. Use their ‘chat’ option
  5. Request to make all future orders plastic-free, minimal packaging, and where necessary use degradable packaging.

If you don’t need it straight away, you can also select the ‘no rush’ option- it will often come in the perfect sized packaging rather than thrown into the first box they find. It will also be consolidated with other parcels going to the same area which can make a big difference to your carbon footprint.

Do you have any other easy ways for anyone to be more sustainable this year? Leave a comment for everyone below.

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