The Try for £10 Collection

The Try for £10 collection is here, and it’s the perfect antidote to lockdown blues.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking forward to those daily parcels dropping at your doorstop. Why not have a box of 5 designer items sent to your door, for a snippet of just £10? We promise it will make your day (or month).

We’re always listening to your feedback and know that renting your wardrobe is new for so many, but you’d love to try it out. So, we’ve chosen a curated collection of rental pieces to give you a taste of the rental life! We’ve included zoom-ready work shirts and comfy loungewear, as well as luxe dresses to party in the house in. Just pick 5 pieces from our selected collection, and enjoy them for a whole month! After your first month, you can simply send back for free, or renew for the full rental experience with access to our entire rental range.

Our £10 collection includes delivery to your door, returns, laundry and insurance- why not give it a go?

Take a look at a few of our favourite picks from the collection, and brighten up your lockdown…

The perfect winter coat

The gym is out, outdoor walks are in. It’s a little chillier than during the last lockdown, so make sure you wrap up warm with our gorgeous winter coats. Plus, at £10 for 5 items you can save a buck- rent all 3 coats, save £520, and still pick 2 more pieces- nice.

The Zoom-call shirt

Those Zoom calls are back again. Whether it’s for work or a quiz, pick something nice to wear and let those dopamine levels flow- did you know wearing clothes you love is scientifically proven to make you happier?

The Party Dress

Did you dress up for your New Years kitchen party just because you can? Take that level into the new year and keep at it- we promise you’ll love doing it. Plus, with a Faithfull the Brand dress or Ganni top for £2 a piece, why would you say no?

Shop the Try for £10 collection here

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