Why Switch to Clothing Rental?

To many, buying and owning clothes is second-nature, so why switch to clothing rental?

We all remember pre-Covid times when everywhere you looked someone was wearing that Zara polka-dot dress, or the infamous yellow puffer jacket. By now, these relics have largely been pushed to the back of our wardrobes, gathering dust. Which makes us question- when all of our friends are wearing the same thing, why don’t we share? Do we really need to buy that must-have dress we’ll probably only wear once and then chuck away?

That’s where renting comes in. There’s no longer any need to fight over the last £39.99 polka dot dress in the store, when you can choose autumn 2020’s cult piece and 4 other pieces for just £79 from the comfort of your own home, without the guilt of accomodating to fast-fashion. What other reasons are there to buy less, and buy better?

Reasons to rent Ganni

Get the latest season without buying a thing

We’re the only place where you can rent current season clothing from a range of top designers and high-end favourites including & Other Stories, Ganni and Faithfull the Brand. Plus, if you’re looking for the cult-season piece you know won’t be in fashion next year, or eyeing up a piece that’s a little (or a lot) different to your normal style, there’s no commitment. If you love it, you can keep it for another month or even buy it, and if not, simply swap it for something else the next month.

And Other Stories Clothing Rental

£££ clothes for £

Whether you’re picking 5 casual pieces or 5 of the most boujee dresses you can find, the value of your box will always be much more than £79! With brands like Acne Studios, Rat & Boa and Reformation retailing at £100+ a piece in our Limited Collection, our stylist has hand-picked pieces that suit your style and your budget.

Rent All Saints

Fashion fast, not fast-fashion

We’re constantly looking for gorgeous new-season pieces with sustainable and quality fabrics and timeless designs. This way, you can receive your favourite pieces every month, without contributing to fast fashion! Reducing the amount of clothing made not only helps to reduce landfill and waste, but also drives down demand for sweatshop pieces. Plus, with us, we ship with a carbon-neutral delivery service, use eco-friendly packaging and use state-of-the-art sustainable cleaning processes; because who wants to spend all their time washing?

Realisation Par Clothing Rental

Get creative with your clothes

Be daring, choose something different. Or, play it safe with the brand you already know and love! Whatever you choose, renting clothes without the commitment of purchasing allows you to play with your style and mix things up. Rent bold pieces from top designers or choose timeless staples- renting with us is about the everyday, not just the events. With monthly clothing deliveries and the ability to mix rental pieces with your wardrobe essentials, there’s always something new to wear.

Rent AllSaints

Help Shelter

By renting with us, you’re helping Shelter, who fight to defend everyone’s right to a safe and secure home. At the end of each product’s extended life-cycle, we either sell pieces in our Outlet, or donate the pieces to Shelter’s charity shops, helping to raise vital funds to fight homelessness.

So, what are you waiting for? Rent with The Devout now.

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