Your Rental Questions

You asked, we answered! Since launching in June, we’ve spotted a trend in questions about renting your clothes.

If you’ve got a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear, want the latest trends or have an event to go to, then renting is the perfect opportunity for you. Renting is the future of fashion, so it’s understandable you need to know the ins and outs before becoming a rental convert. Take a look at some of the most popular burning rental questions…

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Question: How is renting clothes sustainable?

Did you know that extending the life-cycle of clothes by just 9 months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20%-30% each (WRAP, 2015)? Instead of buying something from a fast-fashion retailer and wearing it once, you might as well rent it with us and help reduce the footprints of each item!

Rental fashion has recently come under fire with sustainable credentials due to clothing having to be returned every month- using more packaging and extra fuel in delivering clothes back to the warehouses, meaning two trips to your door for delivery drivers. Fortunately, we drop off and pick up our rental boxes at the same time- meaning less delivery trips with our carbon neutral delivery partner!

You can view other ways we focus on sustainability here.

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Rental question: Why would you rent your clothes?

We’ve been asked rental questions like ‘who would want to rent clothes other people have worn?’ a fair few times. We get it, it simply goes against everything we know about buying our clothes. However, change is good. Vintage is booming (ThredUp predict that second-hand could overtake fast-fashion within a decade), and we watch Netflix and listen to Spotify, so why not subscribe to clothes too? It’s just like being in a hotel and sleeping in those cosy sheets washed by the hotel staff.

Rental question: Is rental hygienic?

Absolutely! Our state-of-the-art laundry facilities use an eco-friendly antibacterial process to ensure each piece is free of stains as well as pesky germs. Any less-than-perfect pieces won’t be rented out either so you can be sure all of your rentals will arrive in perfect order.

We always put the utmost care into cleaning our clothes, but you can view our additional Covid-19 Response here.

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Rental question: Why rent everyday pieces?

Renting doesn’t just have to be for a special event or occasion, renting your everyday pieces is the sustainable way to wear clothes! Renting your every day trend-led pieces is cheaper than buying new clothes every month, and you can stay up to date with casualwear, loungewear and workwear with our curated range of clothes for men and women. If you’re looking to try something new, want both the biggest and indie brands, or want to wear clothes normally out of your price range, renting your everyday wear will enable you to stay in style, sustainably. Renting jeans, tees and jackets is also perfect for holidays, so why not treat yourself?

Rental question: Is renting cheaper than buying my clothes?

In a 2018 survey, the most popular amount spent per year on clothing items was £100 to £200 a month, which is already more than £79! Plus, when renting your clothes, you can choose pieces that are worth much more than that. Our boxes are worth around £500 a month, meaning you can save £421 a month or £5052 a year by renting vs buying the same products! Rental question: what would you spend an extra £5000 on every year?

Check out our range of rental pieces and ask yourself, why wouldn’t you rent them?

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